+ I wear many hats, but being a mama to my beautiful daughters is what I cherish the most.

+ I graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2013 with a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant

+ In addition to being a  photographer I am an aesthetic injector for a plastic surgery office in Athens, GA as well as a part-time PA at a local ENT office.

+ I LOVE to entertain and host events anytime I get the opportunity

+ I USED to be a college athlete and still love to stay active. Reformer Pilates is my new favorite way to stay in shape. If in Athens, you have to stop by PUSH Pilates and give it a try! You won't regret it. .

quick facts about me

It's so hard to describe my "style." I honestly find beauty in just about everything I see. With my photography, I try and stick to a natural look, however, I also tailor every photo session to the scenery and the clients. I love the dark and moody style for some and a little lighter and airy for others. I prefer to show the reality of life versus perfection, or what social media and the world deems as perfection. Let your kids be silly and messy, let your significant other be handsy, be weird, be uncomfortable and awkward, be YOU!! Photographs are meant to capture who we are and we should learn to love ourselves as God intended. 

and my favorites

my style

Spending too much money on party supplies and home decor and eating anything with sugar in it. 

I am the definition of a junk food junky who tries to practice self-control. Truth be told, if you leave a pack of Oreos with me, don't expect there to be any left to share after I am done- or pretty much any sweets for that matter.


my guilty

As some would say, I am "basic."  I love the fall and all things pumpkin, and yes that includes pumpkin spice lattes. If you visit my house on September 1st on any given year, your senses would be assaulted with Autumn leaves scent from Bath and Body works, you would see pumpkins and fall decor littering every surface, and you may feel the need to throw on your coziest sweat shirt- despite the stifling Georgia heat that remains outside. 

is fall

my favorite season

I cannot say I am a world traveler (yet), but I would say I most enjoy visiting the mountains. Whether it be the North GA mountains to hike and visit the local wineries, or traveling out west to ski the slopes in Utah, there's something restorative about clean mountain air that has me going back several times a year. 

place to visit

my favorite


why i became a

As much as I love working in medicine, I have always had a more creative side. In middle school and high school, I was always the one with a camera in hand to capture all the fun! (This was WAY before the time of cell phones). I couldn't wait to drop off my film roll each month to see how my photos turned out.
My love for photography continued into college and I minored, albeit briefly, in photography. As an undergraduate, I learned the basics to taking a decent photograph. While in PA school I bought my first camera and started photographing family and friends learning as I went. Since then, my interest (and skill) has continued to grow with each family and client. I am so looking forward to the opportunity to create beautiful memories with you and your loved ones while doing what I love!  

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!